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what we do.

Brindlescotch Pictures is designed to be a one-stop-shop for organizations in need of efficiently produced and highly polished content production/post production. Our recent B2B clients have included Netflix, ABC, The Tonight Show, Mondelez International, Hillshire Brands, as well as some of the world's largest conventions and expos.


We are devoted to creative production techniques, bespoke and custom animation, engaging interviews, and comprehensive event coverage -- All handled with speed and efficiency garnered from decades of combined experience in B2B content creation. 

Brindlescotch is also proudly a member of the arts! We have 3 beautiful shorts and 1 full length picture in our library. Please feel free to browse our portfolio!





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Life-long neighbors Alex and Jenna turn an otherwise ordinary childhood into a life of fantastical journeys with their imaginations. Toy blocks and castles give way to first cars and street ships as the two learn the bigger they allow themselves to dream, the better they cope with whatever life brings. Director Jamie Brindle brings the words of John Houston to life through colorful imagery and VFX in the 18 minute short film, Street Ships.


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